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Megamax Propolis 2600mg 200capsules

Megamax propolis has strong antioxidant activity, providing a powerful support to your immune system and help as a liver tonic.
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NewZealand Megamax Propolis 2600mg 200capsules

Megamax propolis 2600mg contains natural flavonoids,is known about what kind of over 20-30 active ingredients are flavonoids,which can combine with moisture in the air, produce anti-inflammatory effect of hydrogen peroxide, a natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral effect, therefore known as natural antibiotics. Nature's penicillin", recognised as propolis was employed in Egypt in about 300 BC, a report prolonged enough for humanity in current many years may be in use in 1965 medical doctors in France, Remy syobangyi bee method belonging in the direction of the bacteria was not The organically grown factors of propolis worked out.

New Zealand megamax propolis Ingredients include organic and mineral (inorganic salts), the most common form of these ingredients together contains about 104 kinds.Among many elements, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, organic acids, flavonoids, etc.Modern studies have shown that propolis has a lower blood sugar, blood fat, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, anesthesia, and promote tissue regeneration, anti-tumor effects. This product contains the equivalent of 2,600 mg of concentrated essence of fresh propolis, propolis products were higher than normal.

Note: There should not be taken on bee allergies.

Megamax propolis usage:

Take 1 capsule every day.

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