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Megamax premium colostrums bear 300capsules

Megamax premium colostrums bearare proudly 100% New Zealand sourced, formulated and packaged, under the strictest manufacturing.
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US$ 31.32
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Megamax premium colostrums bear 300capsules

Megamax premium colostrums consist of New ZealandColostrumwith 30mg of Immunoglobulin G every tablet. It may possibly be considered a 100% New Zealand sourced & processed product or program from pasture fed cows nurtured within a obvious eco-friendly environment.

Megamax premium colostrum can be the pre-milk fluid produced through the mammary glands of cows through the very first 24 to 48 several hours quickly after providing birth. It is employed getting a therapeutic agent merely because its constituents are almost identical to people people current in human being colostrum.

The essential growth and upkeep factors of colostrum are simply assimilated by individuals for enhanced growth and common splendid health.

Ideal for:

To help in enhancing growth and immunity in youthful children and adults
To help in enhancing digestion and enhancing the well being in the digestive system
To help in decreasing diarrhoea and ulcerative ailments from the bowel
To help in decreasing inflammatory ailments from the bowel and stomach
To help in recovery quickly after sickness and medications
To enhance the well being in the immune system
To enhance the healing of wounds and also to preserve complexion health
To enhance muscle growth and well being

Not ideal for dairy positively free diets, lactose positively free diets, diabetic diets

Directions for Use:
Take one to five tablets standard as required
This product or program may possibly be used through being pregnant and breastfeeding

Contains No - Wheat, Gluten, Yeast, Colour, Preservatives


Health Life New Zealand Quality assurance:
All the product are all original production. According to the order number and tracking number, you can track and trace the products to make sure you receive the items timely and safely.

Health Life New Zealand provides the natural and healthy products to all over the world!

Please check the destination country’s customs regulations and laws. We are not responsible for products stopped by customs.

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Jinhong Kim


How many tablets does 8-year-old kid take daily? And how many time daily?


Message send on :[ 2011-09-15 00:04:11 ]

Administrator: Hi,Jinhong The product is recommended to take up to 3 tablets daily. Thank you.

Message reply on [ 2011-09-23 16:40:45]

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