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Only Organic Stage 1 Fruit & Vegetable Pouches 120g

Fresh organic pureed fruits and vegetables packed in BPA free pouches, allow babies to enjoy yummy food anytime at anywhere.
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US$ 5.61
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Only Organic Stage 1 Fruit & Vegetable Pouches 120g

Period: around 4 months

Only organic stage 1 fruit&vegetable pouch is delicious squeezed or pureed fruits and vegetables packed in convenient pouch, which allow babies to be served at places other than homes, and both cold and warm.

Only organic babymeal stage 1 has several different products to meets baby's needs. The fruit&vegetable pouch is better served as baby's lunch or afternoon tea. It contains yummy fruit and vegetable purees which loved by babies, and enriched with vitamin C.

Only organic baby food pouch is packed in the pouches which are made from materials of BPA free, so parents do not need to worry about the package will break babies' health. And the pouch is easy to carry and serve, it is a very good choice for parents who are taking their babies outside.


Banana Apple Smoothie: Apple (50%), Banana (50%), Vitamin C

Sweet Potato & Apple: Apple (60%),Sweet potato (40%), Citric Acid,

Vitamin C

Carrot, Pumpkin & Apple: Carrot, Pumpkin, Apple, Vitamin C

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