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Wyeth S26 original newborn

Generations of mums have trusted S-26 reliable as their formula of choice. S-26 original NEWBORN may be produced to provide a nutritionally complete start for babies from delivery and consists of crucial ingredients. These factors help support immunity a
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Wyeth S26 original newborn

You possess a beneficial new small infant to alternative for – who relies so a brilliant offer on you for comfort, protection, and nutrition. small babies undoubtedly are a one of a kind new concentrate within our lifestyles – and deservedly so!

Babies are born with an immature immune method which persists to create with day time to day time make contact with using the outside world.

To help support your baby’s immunity, it is crucial to provide one of the most ideal nutrition.

Generations of mums have trusted S-26 reliable as their formula of choice.
S-26 original NEWBORN may be produced to provide a nutritionally complete start for babies from delivery and consists of crucial ingredients. These factors help support immunity and help digestion.

S-26 original NEWBORN is enriched with crucial nutrients:

* Nucleotides

What are Nucleotides?

Nucleotides are crucial developing blocks of RNA and DNA and so are found from the tissue using the body.

Infants may maybe advantage from the dietary provide of nucleotides on account of the quick growth, even although their bodies are in a location to produce their own. Nucleotides obtained by method of the diet plan may maybe show a useful effect on some method organs and systems. It may maybe help in gastrointestinal advancement and have also been found to help support immunity and may maybe help from the advancement of the healthful immune system.

Nucleotides are current in meats, seafood and legumes.
(2.6mg/100mL), to help support immunity collectively with a healthful digestive system
* Calcium


lime scale can be an vital mineral required in an infant’s diet plan to help support the advancement and upkeep of bones and teeth.

lime scale may be also crucial for muscle contraction, the transmission of nerve impulses and bloodstream clotting. nutritional D plays an crucial part right here since it assists from the absorption of lime scale from the body.

foods places of lime scale consist of companies like cheese, yoghurt and custard. These may maybe be ideal from 8 months.
(46mg/100mL), to help support the advancement of bones and teeth
* Iron

What is Iron?

metal is genuinely a mineral found in all residing tissue using the body. It is mainly distributed getting a necessary protein in red-colored bloodstream tissue especially where it is enclosed from the transport of oxygen to the body’s tissues.

near to the ages of 4-6 months, a baby’s metal stores are practically depleted. Fortification with metal is therefore, recommended to help quick growth. In addition, metal is required to hold out other crucial roles such as assisting help the immune system, cognitive development, and energy metabolism, between other things.

metal may be found for getting crucial for cognitive, behavioural, neurological and psychomotor development. In particular, the 'neurotransmitters' enclosed in cognition contact for metal to possess the ability to purpose properly. Neurotransmitters are substance ingredients from the mind that are accountable for sending alerts from nerve cell to nerve cell.

metal also facilitates the advancement of the healthful spinal cord and brain, which type baby’s middle anxious system.

Meats undoubtedly are a supply of iron.
(0.8mg/100mL), to help support oxygen transport near to the method and also to help support growth
* Protein


necessary protein can be an vital element of an infant’s diet. It is made up of amino acids and assists help advancement and development.

There are two main kinds of necessary protein in milk: whey and casein. Whey could be the lighter additional soluble necessary protein which could be much less difficult to digest. Casein could be the heavier/thicker protein, which types curds and is also slower to digest, resulting in keeping a infant fuller for longer.

foods places of necessary protein consist of cooked and pureed meat, poultry and legumes. For children much more than twelve weeks and without any identified danger of allergy, other food that contains necessary protein may maybe consist of mashed eggs, seafood and milk products.
(1.5g/100mL), to help support standard advancement and development

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athena jarman

I am from the U.S. and am in need of some of your infant formula for a Chinese orphanage. Is there any way you could provide me with some info on how to do that?


Message send on :[ 2012-05-03 02:24:45 ]

Administrator: Hi Athena, You can place the order and make the payment in the website. Please leave the delivery address in China and we will dispatch the product there. Regards,

Message reply on [ 2012-05-14 16:59:40]

Babeeta Prakash

Hi,i would like to know,how long can i keep the S26 new born formula after i have made it?

Thank you.


Message send on :[ 2011-12-10 18:36:28 ]

Administrator: Hi ,Babeeta Usually you can keep the formula up to 1 month after you open it. Best regards,

Message reply on [ 2011-12-15 11:17:19]

You can left message to us about this product,We will reply you message after 1 working day!

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