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manuka honey sale

  • The Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Ultra Rich Night Revival contains Active Manuka AAH, which is renowned for its remarkable healing, moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties, and is blended within a Vitamin E & Neroli essential oil enriched crème to provide an
    US$ 21.48
  • A maximum UVA/UVB protection sunscreen containing Active AAH 650+ Manuka Honey and SPF30+ for the prevention of sunburn and to help against premature ageing of the skin.
    US$ 34.91
  • This is an intensive hand and nail crème from Wild Ferns and contains the beneficial properties of Active Manuka AAH blended with Prosina, a hydrolysed Keratin derived from New Zealand sheep’s wool.
    US$ 18.8
  • Unique to New Zealand, this gentle Lip Balm contains the remarkable moisturising and healing properties of Active Manuka AAH 650+ especially beneficial Honey to assist in the health and enhancement of your skin.
    US$ 14.77
  • This beautiful Manuka Honey soothing Eye gel is a hydrating and soothing gel enchanced with pure Active Manuka AAH 650+ to moisturise and refresh the delicate area around the eyes.
    US$ 16.11
  • This Manuka Honey Revitalising Body Wash is a gentle body wash that contains pure Active Manuka Honey to protect and maintain your skin, leaving it beautifully fragranced with the aroma of sweet honey.
    US$ 24.17
  • Moisture retaining Active Manuka Honey helps eliminate impurities and assists in the healing of blemishes. Leaves the skin feeling fresh and revitalised.
    US$ 24.17
  • The Wild Ferns range of skincare are all Paraben free, contain no mineral oil and are NOT tested on animals.A luxurious gentle cleansing soap from Wild Ferns which leaves the skin smooth, refreshed and sweetly fragranced.
    US$ 13.43
  • The Wild Ferns range of skincare are all Paraben free, contain no mineral oil and are NOT tested on animals.An effective lip protector with active Manuka Honey and SPF15 to prevent damage from the suns harmful rays.
    US$ 17.46
  • A most effective Manuka Honey Lip Balm which naturally moisturizes and soothes dry chapped lips. This Manuka Honey Lip Balm contains sun protection factors to protect the lips from the harsh elements of nature whilst hydrating the skin of the lips.
    US$ 9.4