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manuka honey sale

  • Honey & Vitamin Facial Masque is very active on the skin - healing, soothing replenishing and hydrating.
    US$ 40.19
  • A awesome huge potency honey for digestive maintenance. Comvita Manuka Honey UMF15+ is guaranteed for getting a lowest of UMF 15 and is also becoming verified by an impartial laboratory to possess confirmed ranges of exclusive movement which was key ident
    US$ 53.62
  • A facial moisturising creme which soothes protects and replaces vital moisture into the skin promoting a radiance whilst moisturising.
    US$ 24.17
  • A maximum UVA/UVB protection sunscreen containing Active AAH 650+ Manuka Honey and SPF30+ for the prevention of sunburn and to help against premature ageing of the skin.
    US$ 34.91
  • A most effective Manuka Honey Lip Balm which naturally moisturizes and soothes dry chapped lips. This Manuka Honey Lip Balm contains sun protection factors to protect the lips from the harsh elements of nature whilst hydrating the skin of the lips.
    US$ 9.4
  • A specially formulated facial bar for use on normal to oily skin. Removes impurities and excess oil that causes blemishes. Leaves the skin cleansed soft and smooth.
    US$ 13.43
  • BEE PROPOLIS is a natural immune-supporting substance gathered by honey bees from trees and used to protect the hive against infections.
    US$ 87.73
  • Blended with Apricot seed powder, this skin refining treatment is designed to softly buff away dead skin cells, clear the pores and remove excess oil deposits leaving the complexion rejuvenated and silky smooth.
    US$ 24.17
  • Comvita Active 5+ Manuka Honey is guaranteed to have a total antibacterial activity level of 5 or higher. This is greater than most honeys and standard antiseptics.
    US$ 26.77
  • Comvita Bee Pollen Granules can be sprinkled on your favourite cereal, fruit or yoghurt to provide a tasty and nutritious supplement to your diet. You can also spread it on toast with Comvita Honey.
    US$ 36.69