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pure gold manuka honey 12

  • With extra soft slow flow AVENT teat. Ideal when progressing from the 125ml feeding bottle. 0% BPA.
    US$ 24.17
  • Blackmores Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Provides iodine to promote healthy development of baby's brain, eyesight & hearing.
    US$ 73.41
  • Helping you to get essential nutrients for baby's development.
    US$ 42.97
  • Comvita Active 5+ Manuka Honey is guaranteed to have a total antibacterial activity level of 5 or higher. This is greater than most honeys and standard antiseptics.
    US$ 26.77
  • Comvita productive 5+ Manuka Honey can help to usually support the digestive plan on top of that to the immune plan even although also delivering mind foods and assisting with standard nicely being.
    US$ 17.01
  • Comvita Bee Pollen is an excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. Comvita Bee Pollen is collected by honeybees from the forests and pastures. It is carefully dried and processed to ensure there is no damage or oxidation o
    US$ 26.77
  • Comvita Bee Pollen Granules can be sprinkled on your favourite cereal, fruit or yoghurt to provide a tasty and nutritious supplement to your diet. You can also spread it on toast with Comvita Honey.
    US$ 36.69
  • Comvita Children`s Natural Lollipops combine the power of propolis with the effect of UMF Active Manuka Honey, for a natural therapeutic treat. These lollipops may help maintain the health of the mouth and throat.
    US$ 12.98
  • Comvita Children's Lemon & Honey Elixir is formulated for the temporary relief from the symptoms of throat irritations. This tasty natural formulation contains UMF® 10+ Active Manuka Honey and Bee Propolis with special properties that support the effectiv
    US$ 19.25
  • Comvita Children's Manuka Honey Elixir supports immune defences during winter, and has a soothing action on throats . It combines natural Manuka Honey, Bee Propolis and Echinacea, in an alcohol-free formulation. This Elixir has a tasty strawberry flavour.
    US$ 28.29